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Award Recognition

The American Burn Association is pleased to offer to its members a number of awards, grants, and fellowship opportunities to advance the educational and research needs of burn care professionals.  Following is a brief summary of many of the ABA 's major programs in this area.  For further information or to obtain an application, send an email to info@ameriburn.org or call the ABA Central Office at
(312) 642-9260.

Click here for a list of the various Awards granted by the American Burn Association.

Cheryl Jordan Scholarship Fund

Cheryl Jordan was a well known and loved member of the ABA. As an Occupational Therapist she worked at Washington Hospital Burn Center. During her career she had the opportunity to travel to another Burn Center and learn from her colleagues, an experience she found to be clinically enriching. She was instrumental in the development of a burn rehabilitation program. She served on the Board of Trustees for the American Burn Association and received the Curtis P. Artz Distinguished Service Award. An educational exchange grant has been developed to honor her name and memory.

This educational exchange scholarship provides funds to non-physician ABA members to gain clinical experience while traveling to another burn center.

Application Criteria:

  • ABA member
  • Minimum experience 1 year
  • Provide brief description of the purpose of your visit
  • State the reason for choosing the specific burn center
  • Burn center must be a verified burn center
  • Explain why you should be awarded the grant
  • Must have two letters of recommendation (one from host institution)

Applications must be submitted to the MAC (Membership Advisory Committee) chair by July 1st and the recipient will be notified by September 1st.

International Education Exchange Program

The International Education Exchange Program provides funds for members of the burn care team from other nations, particularly developing countries, to visit burn units in the United States or Canada.  A maximum reimbursement of $2,000 is provided to the successful applicant to help defray the cost of travel expenses. Up to 3 grants are awarded per year by the ABA Education Committee.  Applications must be received at least 3 months before the anticipated start of the Program.  Although primarily directed toward non-physicians, physicians from developing countries will also be considered for the Program. 

Visiting Professor Program

The Visiting Professor Program provides funds for physicians, educators, or specialists to present their expertise in burns at a hosted burn center facility/institution.  The award, a maximum of $2,000, is granted to the facility; it can be used to provide an honorarium to the Visiting Professor and/or to help defray the cost of his/her travel expenses.  It is strongly suggested, but not required, that the proposed Visiting Professor be an ABA member. Up to 3 grants are awarded per year by the ABA Education Committee.  Applications must be received at least 3 months before the anticipated start of the Program, and should be made by the requesting institution-not the Visitor.

Burn Prevention Award

The Burn Prevention Award is awarded at the ABA Annual Meeting to an ABA member for contribution in at least one of the following four areas:   (1) Prevention effort shall have worldwide, nationwide, or statewide impact; (2) If on a local level, it must be replicated in two or more local areas and serve as a model of prevention effort; (3) The collection and reporting of epidemiological data should serve as the basis for state or national prevention efforts; (4) It should have a major influence on shaping the careers of other burn prevention workers. An individual is eligible for this award each year if the work is new and significant and continues to fulfill at least one of the above criteria. The award, under the auspices of the ABA Burn Prevention Committee, includes an honorarium of $1,500. Individuals wishing to nominate an ABA member for this award must submit the completed nomination forms link below:


Burn Epidemiology /Prevention Best Paper Award

The Burn Epidemiology/Burn Prevention Best Paper Award recognizes original research studies which may address any single burn or fire prevention problem, a specific population, multiple etiologies, or epidemiology. Physicians, non-physicians, and students from all disciplines can apply during the abstract selection process, deadline of October 1. This award is sponsored by the ABA and IAFF Charitable Foundation Burn Fund and the award recipient receives a $1500 honorarium and an engraved plaque.

Traveling Fellowship

The Traveling Fellowship award is given at the ABA Annual Meeting to an ABA physician member or postdoctoral fellow who has given evidence of a continuing interest and productivity in the field of burn care, teaching, or research. A candidate's work in the field is anticipated to continue after the proposed travel, and to be advanced by the travel.  A maximum reimbursement of $5,000 is provided to the successful applicant to underwrite the recipient's travel expenses. For award consideration, candidates should submit:  (1) a CV; (2) a letter detailing the travel that she/he proposes to undertake that identifies the specific benefits related to her/his career development to be obtained from the travel; and (3) a letter of support from the chief of a surgical service or burn center with which the applicant is associated.  Materials must be submitted by January 1 to the ABA Central Office, 311 S. Wacker Dr., Suite 4150, Chicago, IL 60606. Applicants will be notified prior to the Annual Meeting.

President's Continuing Education Grant

The President's Continuing Education Grant is given at the ABA Annual Meeting to a non-physician member who has made significant contributions to the care of the burned patient.  The grant is designed to allow personal development via continuing education.  The award amount of $500 cannot be used to finance continuing education as part of a degree program. Applicants must be sponsored by a physician who submits a letter outlining the applicant's outstanding contribution to the field of burn care. Up to 3 grants per year are awarded; selection is made by the ABA President. Applications must be submitted by January 1. 

Other Awards - IAFF Burn Foundation

The IAFF Burn Foundation recognizes the need of the burn community in North America to improve the quality of burn care.

The IAFF Burn Foundation is committing itself to two goals over the next five years:

* To hasten the development of practice guidelines in burn care by facilitating the performance of high-quality clinical research in burns.
* To take advantage of the excellent research programs already in place in burn centers to study acute and chronic health problems of fire fighters exposed to smoke inhalation.

The IAFF Burn Fund is now encompassed by the newly created IAFF Charitable Foundation.